9 Types of Content Marketing

  • February 4, 2022
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For businesses of any size and industry, content marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. It can be hard to make a decision when it comes to creating your strategy. Which types of content marketing strategies are best for your business?

Most effective types of content marketing

. Blogs

. Videos

. Infographics

. Case Studies

. eBooks

. White papers

. Checklists

. Interviews

. Social Media Posts

. GIFs and memes

Types of Content Marketing


Small businesses are increasingly using blogging as a form of content marketing. It’s a good thing! Blogs are a great way to increase SEO and drive organic traffic to your website from search engines.

Marketers can make the most out of their limited marketing budgets by supplementing advertising with inbound marketing. Forbes reports that websites with blogs have 434% more pages indexed than websites without them.

Blogs have a higher chance of appearing on the first page for search engines such as Google. Potential consumers will search for keywords that are relevant to their needs.

Blogs are also more likely to have 97% of their inbound links from other sites, which helps with search engine optimization. You can see that businesses who blog often reap many benefits, as you can see in the graphic.

Blogging can not only improve search engine optimization, but it is also a great way to increase traffic to your site. It’s also an excellent way to establish relationships with current and potential customers.

The more valuable content you create as a blogger is the better. Your target audience will more likely consider your brand when they’re ready to buy. Blogs can be a great way to deliver value with short-form content.

You can use blogging to increase your types of content marketing and to grow your business. It is important to create a strategy, which will include the topics that you want to cover on your blog. To find brands similar to yours, do keyword research. Next, think about other relevant topics and questions. Then create blog content around those topics.


You must be competitive in the digitally crowded marketplace. It is crucial that you are able to quickly grab the attention of your target audience and keep them engaged.

Today’s consumers are more inclined to watch video. Today’s consumers are consuming more video content than ever. One-third of all online activity involves watching video content. Video is a great types of content marketing tool for engaging and reaching your target audience regardless of industry.

Small businesses can use video as a content marketing tool because of its attractive return on investment. It is a great way to increase brand awareness. According to Brightcove, brands who use a solid video marketing strategy will see an average increase in sales of 157% organic traffic from search engines Video can also increase site time by 105% Your company’s chance of selling is greater the more customers spend time on your site.

These statistics are also available:

According to Think research, most consumers prefer to see a video about a product before purchasing it. They will search online for the product, whether it is a review, unboxing or how-to video. This just goes to show how video can have a huge impact on a person’s decision to purchase a product. Nurotech conducted a study and found that landing pages with video content had a higher conversion rate. This could translate into an increase of up to 80% in sales. HubSpot reports that 88% of video marketers believe video content has a positive ROI. Video content is a powerful tool that can be used to create value.

You will need to think about what content and topics are most appealing to your audience if you want to harness the power that video has to offer. Before you start planning your content creation. It all depends on where your buyer is at the time. You can engage customers in the awareness stage with short, attention-grabbing videos. How-to videos and product demonstrations can be very helpful in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions during the decision stage.


Infographics are a great way for content marketers to educate their audience and offer useful information that can be of value to customers and leads. This visual content marketing format allows viewers to better visualize statistics and data so they can get a better understanding of why. It is important to understand how something works.

while simultaneously explaining all the benefits of hiring an expert carpet cleaner. This infographic uses eye-catching visuals that relate to the topic. Make it easy for viewers to comprehend the information.

Consider which topics would be best suited to infographics if your business uses them to engage and attract customers. A good topic for infographics is any information that could benefit from visual aids. Infographics can be used to simplify complex subjects. You can present statistics to help others understand what your business offers, or even a diagram of your product. Contact us if you are interested in creating more infographics to promote your business.

Case Studies

A case study is another valuable types of content marketing. These are customer stories that show how your business helped a client or customer achieve success. Case studies can be used by businesses to highlight unique uses and applications for their products or services. Case studies are a popular choice for consumers because they help them understand the value of your brand to their lives and businesses. You can offer general uses or applications for your products and services.

Real-life examples are often more valuable because they help your business build trust and new leads. Because they allow leads to better understand your business, case studies are very effective. It is important to carefully plan your case studies if you intend to use them in your content marketing. Consider which customers you are asking to be a case study. Choose strategically those customers whose products and services have been of significant benefit to you. Customers and clients should also be willing to give their consent to the case study being used.

Case Studies

You can also provide statistics and quotes that show how your business helped others succeed. You can watch it here. You can place case studies on your company website. However, you might also wish to use them in another way. Use case studies in blogs, eBooks, social media posts and other types of content marketing. These pieces may be useful for your sales team when you are talking to leads. If the new lead is similar to a customer from the past, it may be a case study. The sales rep may then want to give the lead the case study in order to better understand your business’s potential value.


eBooks can be used by businesses to offer value to their customers and leads. Value is the key word here. Your eBook should not exceed 5-10 pages. It should instead provide useful information and insight to your target audience regarding their needs and challenges. It’s not about selling to your audience, like many other forms types of content marketing.

Note that eBooks are more expensive than other forms of content marketing such as blogs and social posts.

These are more difficult to make.

Don’t let this discourage you from creating an efficient eBook.

This piece of gated content can generate leads and provide a great return on investment.

The money you put into the project that makes it worthwhile.

White papers

White papers can be compared to eBooks in many ways. Whitepapers are another form of long-form content that could be used as lead magnets.

The main difference between white papers and eBooks is White papers are more detailed, detail-oriented, and information-dense. Whitepapers are a great content marketing tool for small businesses who want to be thought leaders. They will also gain respect within their industry.

White papers have the best advantage of helping small businesses find new leads. A 2022 Intercom survey found that 76% of respondents said they would share personal information with a company in return for a whitepaper The information consumers share with you gives you a better understanding of your target audience. It allows you to stay in touch with your lead even after they have downloaded types of content marketing. You must ensure that your whitepaper is gated in order to maximize the chance of collecting lead information.


Checklists are a type worksheet that lists the steps to follow to reach a desired outcome These content assets are ideal for small businesses as they are simple to create and promote. Yet, they still offer a significant benefit to the target audience. Let’s look at an example checklist that an HVAC company created to help you understand the process types of content marketing. They will have the information they need in order to make better decisions regarding their HVAC service.

This checklist provides homeowners with a list of steps they should take to maintain their HVAC system. It is simple to follow the checklist. It also provides valuable information that will help the company’s target market make better decisions about HVAC maintenance. This checklist is an excellent example of what a checklist should look like. It focuses on providing value to the reader.

Once you have created a checklist for a topic you are interested in, you can either share it on social media or incorporate it into a post. Your business will benefit more if you share and reuse your checklist content.

Social Media Posts

It’s not a secret that small businesses can use social media to reach their target audience. Businesses can reach new customers and maintain relationships with customers through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and LinkedIn. Your company’s social media content plays a crucial role in how it engages with new leads and current customers. Your goals will determine how social media posts are used in your types of content marketing. There are many ways to convert data.

Social Media Posts
Social media and chat app on a smartphone, the user is sharing visual contents online

Social media channels can be used by your target market to influence their purchasing decisions. You can use social media to alert people to your sales and promotions, as well as to help leads find you products. Provide additional information to customers and leads about your products.

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