Tuesday , June 22 2021
Facebook Messenger Chatbot Benefits
Facebook Messenger Chatbot Benefits

Are Facebook Messenger Chatbots an Effective Tool for Corporates?

Asking whether Facebook Messenger Chatbots are right for your business. Messaging apps are becoming the next big thing in marketing. Social media is still master king, but messaging apps are slowly taking over.

What Exactly Is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

In very simple words, a “bot” is a piece of software that automates a task or a group of tasks.

There is a variety of bots available. Some are easy to tackle a range of tasks, while others are more limited. Messenger Bots are designed to do very specific things.

In practical terms, this means that the Facebook Messenger Chatbot program will have a series of pre-written responses to interact with humans.

For example, imagine your company that provides software services. People often find themselves on your Facebook Pages trying to find the best software services for them. Instead of directing them to support staff, you implement a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. When the person visits your Facebook page, the bot initiates interaction. It reads the user’s query and uses preprogrammed responses to answer them.

Your customer gets an answer from an automated system instead of communicating with another person, It’s more up-to-date, faster, and, best of all, instantly available.

The Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chatbot

  • The surface benefit of using Facebook Messenger Chatbot is pretty obvious. You don’t have to spend money on a staff member to engage in customer service. But that’s not all.
  • Bots are easy to build and implement. You can design a Facebook Messenger Bot within half an hour. Granted, this is the most practical bot ever made but it will get the job done. Even a simple Messenger Bot can be very useful and nominal.
  • Bots give simple answers to simple questions. Nowadays people just want a quick and simple answer to a short question. So, instead of having to shift through the database or speak with a person, people can get their answers instantly and be on their way.
  • Bots always put your best foot forward. The conversation with a bot will always be predictable. Your brand reputation will be granted in the best possible light every time. A chatbot doesn’t have temper issues.
  • The potential of bots is still unexplored. Still, it’s hard to predict how the innovative use of bots. 

Chatbots Are Already Here

To answer the original question: Facebook Messenger Bots are not only effective they are a necessary tool for 21st-century entrepreneurs.

Just about every enterprise can benefit from using Facebook Messenger Bots. We can not mention the real ROI potential of bots as compared to humans.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots
Facebook Messenger Chatbots

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows here. Poor design of bots can signal that a brand is losing touch with its customer base. Even a little bit of negative experiences are enough for customers to walk away from a brand.

To sum it all up, Facebook Messenger Chatbots are definitely a great tool, but they can do more harm than good if they’re not implemented correctly.